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  • Belgium to supply underwater drones to Ukraine

    The Belgian Council of Ministers approved a new package of military assistance to Ukraine. It will include 10 underwater drones and two mobile laboratories, reports the newspaper Le Soir, citing Belgian Defense Minister Ludivine Dedonder.

    "These drones can detect all underwater threats: mines and spy equipment. These are new advanced technologies that will provide them (Ukrainians) with great assistance. The Belgian army already has these devices. They will all be delivered to Ukraine by the …

  • Belgian fighter jets intercept Russian Tu-160 bombers over Baltics

    Belgian fighter jets intercepted two Russian TU-160 strategic bombers and two Russian SU-27 fighers over the Baltics on Tuesday, September 18, reported the Belgian Air force.

    “Two Belgian Air force F16 of NATO's BAP mission intercepted two Russian TU-160 Blackjack and two Russian SU-27 Flanker above the Baltic Sea. It was the first scramble for the Belgian detachment which is safeguarding the Baltic airspace since the 3th of September,” reads the message of the Belgian Air Force on Twitter.

    A …

  • Belgian officer dismissed on suspicion of ties with Russia

    The Belgian security forces dismissed an officer suspected of having links to a Russian oligarch. The officer himself claimed that he “was not given the opportunity to explain his business connections”, Radio Liberty reported, referencing the local press.

     It should be noted that the officer was recruited in 2004. He had experience in international trade with one of the republics of the former USSR. He was granted access to documents classified as “secret”.

    “However, his communication with …

  • Swedish Air Force: Russian warplanes violated Sweden's airspace

    A surveillance aircraft and two destroyers of the Russian Air Force violated Swedish airspace over the Baltic coast entering it for a short period, the Swedish Air Force reported.

    In the report published on January 24th, Swedish Air Force stated that the incident occurred on January 19th. An Il-20 surveillance aircraft and two Su-27 fighters flew near the city of Karlshamn, in south Sweden. The Russian aircraft entered Swedish airspace without permission, which the Swedish military reported to …

  • Contingent of Belgian armed forces arrives in Estonia

    A contingent of the Belgian Armed Forces arrived in Estonia, reports. The Belgian have joined the British-led NATO battle group stationed in Tapa. They will stay in Estonia for four months replacing a Danish contingent that rotated out in 2018.

    The Belgian units arrived in three convoys of 100 vehicles in total. The core of the contingent is made up of troops from Belgium's historical Chasseurs Ardennais battalion. The unit has approximately 300 personnel along with some 100 units of …

  • Belgium reviews use of smartphones by military because of Russian espionage

    Belgium has restricted the use of smartphones in the army because of treat of espionage from the Russian Federation, reported by the Belgian news agency Belga.

    “We know that Russia is interested in obtaining mobile geolocation data. We are making efforts to prevent such activity and have been actively conducting explanatory work among the personnel for several years. But this does not seem enough yet,” said Colonel Carl Gillis, head of operations for the Belgian armed forces Chief of Staff. …

  • Media: Belgian and Dutch farmers export pears to Russia despite sanctions

    Fruit companies from the Netherlands and Belgium are supplying their products to Russia despite the sanctions imposed by the EU and Moscow’s counter sanctions, reported the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. The newspaper cites the information received during the negotiations between the suppliers of Belgian pears with Russian importers.

    On August 7, 2014, Russia prohibited the importation of meat, fish, milk, vegetables and fruits from the EU. The President of Russia imposed a ban in the response …

  • Russian billionaire detained in Monaco

    The Le Monde newspaper referencing their own sources reported that Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev was detained in Monaco.

    It is noted that the owner of the Monaco FC football club was taken into custody the morning of November 6th. This occurred several hours before the soccer match against the Belgian Bruges team. The principality authorities searched his home.

    The Attorney General of Monaco opened the investigation of the businessman's activities in connection with evidence of “ …

  • Belgian airline drops Russian Sukhoi Superjets from its fleet

    The Belgian air company Brussels Airlines expressed its disappointment with their Russian planes. The company leases SSJ-100 Sukhoi Superjets in a contract that expires on March 2019, but they are already replacing them with Canadian CRJ-900 Bombardier, reported the newspaper L’Echo.

    According to L’Echo, the airline cancelled several flights because of operational issues with the Russian planes. The airline also complained about the lack of maintenance manuals properly translated from Russian. …

  • German and Belgian fighter jets intercepted two Russian bombers over the Baltic Sea

    German and Belgian fighter jets intercepted two Russian supersonic bombers Tu-160 over the Baltic Sea, DPA news agency reported on Wednesday, September 26th, referring to a NATO representative.

    According to DPA, the Bundeswehr has confirmed this information.

    The incident occurred on September 25th, two of the six aircraft currently stationed in Amari airbase in Estonia participated in the interception.

    The fighter jets are stationed in Estonia as part of NATO’s observation mission of the …