Belgian officer dismissed on suspicion of ties with Russia

The Belgian security forces dismissed an officer suspected of having links to a Russian oligarch. The officer himself claimed that he “was not given the opportunity to explain his business connections”, Radio Liberty reported, referencing the local press.

 It should be noted that the officer was recruited in 2004. He had experience in international trade with one of the republics of the former USSR. He was granted access to documents classified as “secret”.

“However, his communication with one particular Russian businessman aroused suspicions in the Belgian state security service.

Military intelligence also led an investigation into the matter. As a result, the officer was fired. He claimed that he was “not given the opportunity to explain his business ties”, according to reports.

Thus, last January in Belgium, the head of military counterintelligence Clement Vandenborre, who was suspected of spying for the Russian Federation, was removed from office.

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