Belarus builds military roads to Ukrainian border

In the Almany Mires nature reserve in Belarus’s Brest Oblast, which borders with Ukraine, operations are underway to upgrade the roads, which could be used for military purposes, Charter 97 reports, citing a source in one of Ukraine’s ministries.

The source explained on condition of anonymity that the road infrastructure being built in Belarus will make it easier for border guards to reach their service locations, and will also provide an additional way to move Belarusian military equipment to the Polessky training ground.

The motorway infrastructure could also be used to transport soldiers, weapons and military equipment right up to the Ukrainian border.

Between 2014-2017, the Belarusian government constructed a number of access roads and forest roads from the country’s rear regions, with a length of roughly 96 km.

Access roads have been built up to the Almany border outpost, which borders with the Ukrainian town of Perebrody, as well as to the Mutvitsa, Khinichev and Selishche border posts, which border with the Ukrainian towns of Drozdyn, Zabolottya and Poznan.

The Ukrainian cities of Zhytomyr and Novohrad-Volynskyi are in the close vicinity of this stretch of the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. The capital, Kyiv, is also dangerously close.

As reported previously, Lithuania’s intelligence agency said that Russia is using Belarus as a “buffer” state with whose help it is demonstrating its military might and planning military operations.

  Belarus, Ukraine