Baltic countries halt all imports of Russian gas

Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia have suspended imports of Russian gas since the beginning of April.

"If there are still doubts about whether there can be confidence in supplies from Russia, then current events clearly show us that there is no longer any trust," said the CEO of the Latvian gas storage operator Conexus Baltic Grid, Uldis Bariss.

According to him, Russian natural gas has not been supplied to Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania since April 1. The Baltic market is currently supplied from storage facilities in Latvia.

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda called on other EU countries to stop importing Russian gas. "A year ago, my country made decisions that today allow us to break energy ties with the aggressor without pain. If we can do it, the rest of Europe can do it too!" he urged.

Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė noted that from now on Lithuania will not consume a single cubic meter of toxic Russian gas.

It was reported earlier that, as of April 2, there has been no Russian gas coming to Lithuania through the interconnector from Belarus.

All Lithuania’s gas needs are currently met through LNG terminal in Klaipeda.

If necessary, gas can also be supplied from Latvia, and from May 1 through an interconnector with Poland.

Ukraine called on the West to abandon the consumption of Russian gas and oil. Kyiv said it is necessary to prevent Russia from financing its invasion of Ukraine.

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