Amid reports of heavy losses near Vuhledar, Putin still praises Russian marines for their effort

Russian president Vladimir Putin spoke about the Marine Corps of the Russian Armed Forces, which suffered catastrophic losses near the Ukrainian town of Vuhledar.

The losses of the Russian Pacific Fleet Marines near Vuhledar caused public outcry in Russia. In an attempt to calm down the wave of indignation, Putin noted the “bravery” of the marines in the battle for Vuhledar.

Speaking on the talk show "Moscow. Kremlin. Putin” on Russia 1 channel, Putin said "the Naval Infantry are working properly. Right now! Both the Pacific Fleet and the Northern Fleet are fighting heroically".

The naval infantry of the Pacific Fleet has been trying to storm the Ukrainian town of Vuhledar for the past few weeks. Columns of Russian manpower and armor, which were thrown into the assault, were burned down by Ukrainian artillery.

Captured Russian soldiers report that almost half of the 155th Naval Infantry Brigade of the Russian Pacific Fleet has been lost near Vuhledar.

Russian military reporters accuse Russian commanders of betrayal and sabotage and call for punishment of those responsible for the defeat.

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