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  • Lavrov: Russia is ready to do its part to improve relations with the USA

    The position of the new U.S. President, Donald Trump, “gives some hope for positive developments in bilateral relations.” To restore relations with Washington, Moscow is ready to do its part, as indicated by Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, to the Austrian magazine Profil.

    “We are ready to do our part to improve relations with the USA. Their degradation in recent years has occurred not because of us, but as a result of targeted actions by the previous Administration in Washington,” …

  • Trump and Stoltenberg discussed the conflict in Ukraine

    U.S. President Donald Trump and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg discussed options for a peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine during a telephone conversation on February 5, the White House says.

    "The parties discussed the potential for a peaceful resolution of the conflict along the Ukrainian border," according to their press statement, which also asserted that the U.S. President expressed his support for the alliance.

    "The President spoke with the Secretary General about U.S. …

  • The US has slightly eased sanctions against the Russian FSB

    The United States Department of the Treasury has slightly eased sanctions against the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). This, according to some experts, may help some US technology companies.

    The directive, published on February 2, canceled some of the sanctions imposed by former U.S. President Barack Obama at the end of last year against the Federal Security Service of Russia.

    U.S. citizens, companies, and other entities were forbidden to engage in any commercial relations with the …

  • NATO chief: The new U.S. administration agrees on the need for dialogue with Russia from a position of strength

    The new U.S. administration agrees with the common position of NATO about the need for dialogue with Russia from a position of strength.

    This was stated by the NATO Secretary-General, Jens Stoltenberg, at a press conference in Brussels.

    According to Stoltenberg, in a telephone conversation with the U.S. President, Donald Trump, and the Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, it was clearly conveyed that the United States remain committed to NATO and transatlantic relations.

    "We do not want …

  • Kremlin spokesman: We are not discussing deals with the US to lift sanctions

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia is not discussing deals with the US to lift sanctions, TASS reports.

    "It is hardly possible to talk about any agreements now. First we have to decide on a date and place for the meeting of the two Presidents," Peskov said. Peskov told journalists that during the recent conversation between the two Presidents on Saturday, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump discussed the fight against terrorism.

    According to a representative of the Kremlin, the issue of …

  • Trump's immigration decree means new visa renewal procedure for citizens of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and others

    The U.S. Embassy in Minsk has announced a change to visa processing procedures after U.S. President Donald Trump issued a controversial executive order pertaining to immigration and visas on January 27th. While outrage has erupted across the world over the decision to ban citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S. for a period of 90 days, the executive order also stated that citizens of countries that are required to obtain visas to enter the U.S. are no longer …

  • Kremlin spokesman: Putin and Trump might meet before the G20 summit

    U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin might meet before the summit of the G20, scheduled for July 7 to 8, Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov suggested.

    He added that during a telephone conversation on January 28, the presidents did not discuss the issue of sanctions imposed by the United States against Russia, but added that he hopes for timely progress in this issue.

    The Kremlin said the telephone conversation on the evening of January 28 between Trump and Putin "took …

  • Kremlin: Telephone conversation between Putin and Trump was productive

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump conducted their first telephone conversation which lasted 45 minutes.The Presidents discussed current world affairs including Ukraine, as reported on the web site of the Kremlin.

    In particular, the presidents of the two countries “touched upon the issues of terrorism, the situation in the Middle East, Arab–Israeli conflict, the balance of the nuclear armaments and their non-proliferation as well as Iran nuclear program and North …

  • NATO ex-official urged the US Congress not to allow the lifting of sanctions against Russia

    Former Deputy Secretary General of NATO, Alexander Vershbow, urged the U.S. Congress to restrict the removal of anti-Russian sanctions.

    "Congress should act before the U.S. President, Donald Trump, unilaterally lifts sanctions against Russia," he wrote on Twitter.

    Vershbow noted that the U.S. sanctions imposed in connection with the events in the Crimea and eastern Ukraine may be canceled by the President without the consent of Congress as the sanctions were initially imposed by Trump’s …

  • The Kremlin confirms that Putin and Trump will speak over the phone on Saturday

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Donald Trump plan to speak over the phone on Saturday, according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, TASS reported.

    "Yes, I confirm this," Peskov said when I asked about US media reports that the two leaders would speak on Saturday.

    In an interview with Fox News on Thursday, Trump said "He [Putin] called me after I won, but I haven’t had a discussion, but I understand we will be having a discussion soon.”

    US intelligence services …