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  • Residents of the annexed Crimea held protests against land expropriation by the Russian government

    On May 27 there was a mass protest in annexed Sevastopol against the draft of the general city plan, Krym.Realii reports. Nearly a thousand people took part in the rally at Svoboda Square.

    Protesters held banners with inscriptions: “We will defend the right to land,” “The general plan is not genial,” “Stop the judicial arbitrariness for land”, “Putin, protect the land of the people of Sevastopol”.

    At the podium, the protest organizers placed posters with a quote from Russian President …

  • Russian authorities to organize rallies against terrorism across the country

    The presidential administration of the Russian Federation has recommended that regions organize rallies against terrorism on April 8. The demonstrations are supposed to involve all parliamentary parties and be held in major cities throughout the country, "especially those where protest actions took place" on March 26.

    This is reported by Kommersant newspaper, referring to a source close to the administration of the Russian president.

    "The governors are already being called and given the task …

  • U.S. Department of State condemned arrests at rallies in Russia

    The US State Department condemns the actions of Russian law enforcement agencies during protests against corruption that took place in dozens of Russian cities on March 26th and call for the immediate release of all peaceful rally participants, as stated by State Department spokesman Mark Toner, reports Reuters.

    "We urge the Russian government to immediately release all peaceful demonstrators," Toner said in a statement.

    The State Department spokesman noted that Washington “condemns the …

  • Media: Residents of Chechen capital were forced to take part in a rally dedicated to the annexation of the Crimea

    Residents of Grozny said that they were forced to participate in a rally dedicated to the third anniversary of the annexation of the Crimea. The Caucasian Knot online news site did the main coverage for the story.

    "This was another 'obligatory' event. The rally took place in the center of the city, next to the 'Press House.’ We were handed flags of Russia and Chechnya, as well as United Russia banners. We had to stay at the rally for more than an hour," an employee of one of the local agencies, …

  • Reports Allege That Chechen People Are Forced To Display Support for Kadyrov

    There have been reports from the Russian Republic of Chechnya that government officials, teachers and students throughout the territory are being compelled to show support for the Chairman of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov.

    The Russian online edition Znak reported that the employees of the Ministry of National Policy, External Relations, Press and Information of Chechnya and its subordinate offices there were ordered to attend a flash mob on Thursday and rally in Grozny, the Chechen …