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  • Turkey promises to disclose the evidence of the Russian involvement in buying of ISIS oil

    The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, stated that Ankara has the evidence to prove Moscow is involved in oil trade with ISIS. “We have the evidences and we will show it to the world,” the European mass media quoted Erdoğan. He mentioned that Syrian businessman, George haswani who has Russian citizenship is, allegedly, one of the oil buyers.

    Furthermore the President of Turkey, called the Russian accusations of his family’s involvement in oil supplies from the territories, which are …

  • Putin: USA is partially responsible for an accident with Russian bomber

    The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, stated that the USA was aware of the route of the Russian bomber, which was shot down by Turkey on Tuesday. He stated they should have warned Turkey as its ally in the coalition.

    “The American side, which heads the coalition in which Turkey is also included, knew the path our planes would take and the time of the flight, and it was during this time that the plane was shot down. Why did we share this information with the Americans?” asked Putin at a …