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  • David Cameron to Discuss Litvinenko Murder with National Security Council

    The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, will hold a meeting next week with the National Security Council in advance of the publishing of a report regarding the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko. The document is expected to reveal the involvement of the Kremlin in the death of the former officer of the Russian FSB (Federal Security Bureau), the Sunday Times reported on the 17th of January.

    The Prime Minister and the National Security Council will discuss the results of the …

  • Donetsk Court Withholds Evidence in Savchenko Case

    The Chairman of the Donetsk City Court, Leonid Stepanenko, refused to add witness interrogation reports to the case file during Nadiya Savchenko’s trial, the former Ukrainian pilot who is standing trial in Russia for the deaths of 2 Russian journalists in eastern Ukraine. According to the defense, these documents confirm that there was a skirmish between two military units on the day of the Russian reporters’ deaths, the incident in which Savchenko is charged.

    “The firefight wasn’t directed …

  • Nemtsov's Assassination was not First Attempt

    The 5 men suspected of assassinating Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov in February of 2015 were indicted on December 29th. They were charged with "a contract murder committed by an organized group and the acquisition, transport and storage of illegal firearms," the Russian Investigative Committee said.

    Rosbalt has reported that the suspects in Nemtsov’s assassination case allegedly attempted to kill the opposition leader several times before finally succeeding on the evening of February 2 …