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  • U.S. to provide cluster munitions to Ukraine

    The new aid package, which will be provided from the US Army's stockpiles, includes 155-mm caliber ammunition, including DPICM, 105-mm shells, as well as ammunition for the Patriot and HIMARS systems, said US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan at a press briefing.

    At the same time, he noted that Kyiv "provided written assurances" that Ukraine would use these weapons "very carefully, in order to minimize any risk to the civilian population."

    According to Sullivan, these guarantees made …

  • Amnesty International: Russia’s widespread use of cluster munitions caused hundreds of civilian deaths in Kharkiv

    A report released by Amnesty International on Monday outlined how Russian forces killed hundreds of civilians in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv using rockets and cluster munitions.

    The repeated attacks were indiscriminate “and as such constitute war crimes,” the report noted.

    The organization found that Russian forces repeatedly used land mines and  9N210 / 9N235 cluster munitions prohibited by international law, which are prohibited by international law.

    “Russian forces have repeatedly …

  • At Syrian war exhibit Russia showcases cluster bombs that it denied earlier

    The Russian Defense Ministry, during the exhibition in the military park Patriot near Moscow, demonstrated cluster bombs that could have been used in Syria, reported the Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT).

    The Russian Ministry of Defense organized the exhibition dedicated to the Syrian conflict. CIT journalists attended the event and confirmed that Russian aviation uses cluster bombs in Syria, although Russia has previously denied it.

    Models of RBC-500 AO-2.5RTM and RBC-500 SHOAB-0.5 cluster …

  • Russia Accused of Using Cluster Bombs in Syria

    A group of Russian activists claimed on Thursday that there was evidence that Russian aircraft in Syria are equipped with cluster bombs, despite the statements of the authorities.

    Last month, international human rights organization Human Rights Watch reported that Russia either used cluster bombs in Syria or provided the Syrian army with a new batch of such ammunition, or did both. The Russian Defense Ministry denied the reports of the HRW.

    However, on Thursday, the Conflict Intelligence Team  …