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  • Poroshenko congratulates Zelensky on election victory

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko congratulated his successor, Vladimir Zelensky, officially recognized as the winner of the April 30 election by the Central Election Commission, and arranged to meet with him, according to a statement published on the President’s website.

    “As the acting head of state, I just called Vladimir Zelensky and congratulated him on the official results of the elections which the Central Election Commission announced today. During our conversation, Vladimir Zelensky …

  • Putin invites Zelensky to return Saakashvili’s Ukrainian citizenship

    ​Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed that the elected President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, return Ukrainian citizenship to Mikheil Saakashvili.

    "As for freedoms, it would be better to start not from Russia or Russians, but, let's say, from Georgians, or former Georgians. For example, it would be fair to restore the Ukrainian citizenship to a person who used to be Georgian in the past and now considers himself a Ukrainian, I mean Mikheil Nikolayevich Saakashvili ", quoted Putin TASS …

  • Putin: Russia and Ukraine could agree on joint citizenship

    Commenting on journalists’ questions about Russia's plans to issue passports to the Ukrainian citizens and the response of the elected president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, Russian President Vladimir Putin once again called the Ukrainians and Russians one nation and stated the need for common citizenship.  

    “I have said many times that Ukrainians and Russians are brotherly nations. Moreover, I believe that this is one nation with their own cultural, linguistic, historical features, but in …

  • Hungary: Ukrainian language law is unacceptable

    Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said the language law which was approved on Thursday by the Verkhovna Rada is unacceptable, reported Evropeyska Pravda, citing the online news website, Hirado.

    According to Szijjarto, the Ukrainian language law violates Hungarian minority rights and reflects the vision of President Petro Poroshenko, who, according to the Hungarian minister, promoted anti-Hungarian policies.

    “However, an overwhelming majority of Ukrainian voters chose to elect another …

  • Media: Zelensky intends to replace five government ministers

    The team of Ukraine’s president-elect Vladimir Zelensky intends to carry out a reshuffle in the administration, reported the Ukrainian publication “Apostrophe” citing a source in the Verkhovna Rada.

    According to the source, “Over the past two days, Zelensky’s  representatives have been seeking to replace five ministers: Iryna Friz, Minister of Veterans Affairs; Volodymyr Omelyan, Minister of Infrastructure; Hennadiy Zubko, Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Public …

  • Kolomoisky announces his return to Ukraine to advise Zelensky

    Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, currently residing in Israel, said that he is ready to help the new president of Ukraine run the country.

    In an interview with NTV, he said that he will “go so far as to offer his consultation services” to Vladimir Zelensky, president-elect of Ukraine, after he takes office. At the same time, he admitted that in the last six months he had already given the showman advice “once or twice”.

    “I am ready to offer him advice, sometimes I do offer him advice, but …

  • Zelensky to Putin: You should not speak to Ukrainians in language of threats

    Newly elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has published a response to Russia’s decision to grant Russian citizenship to residents of the occupied territories in eastern Ukraine.

    “Firstly, I would not advise the Russian authorities to waste time trying to tempt Ukrainian citizens with Russian passports. Perhaps there are those who are still under the influence of propaganda. Perhaps some will do it for profit or in an attempt to hide from criminal investigations. We could even …

  • Putin wants to discuss with Zelensky ‘settlement of conflict in Donbas’

    During a press conference in Beijing, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he could meet with the elected president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

    "If we have a meeting, negotiations will begin, I do not rule this out, we will first of all have to talk about how to end the conflict in the southeast of Ukraine," Putin said.

    He expressed regret that during the elections campaign Zelensky "has already stated that he is not going to sign a decree on amnesty [for LPR and DPR militants] and, …

  • Zelensky administration: dissolution of Ukrainian parliament is possible due to absence of coalition

    The dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada is possible because there is currently no coalition in parliament,said the speaker of the newly elected President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky’s administration, Dmitry Razumkov, on the show “The Voice of the People” on the TV channel 112 Ukraine.

    “The coalition consists of two factions. There are not enough people’s deputies in these factions, that is, there are fewer than 226,” he said.

    According to Razumkov, various organizations appealed to Rada …

  • Zelensky's administration presents military doctrine

    The team of recently elected President Vladimir Zelensky released a new “military doctrine”. Ivan Aparshin, Zelensky’s advisor on issues of security and defense, passed the document on to a Novoye Vremya journalist.

    The document emphasizes that security and defense issues are the exclusive responsibility of the president. The administration promises that it will be guided by standards adopted by NATO member states in leading the defense force.

    Zelensky’s team intends to adapt its military …