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  • DaVinci AG: There Is a High Probability of a Coup In Moldova

    The analytical group DaVinci AG reported that there is a high probability that a coup d’état will be staged in the Republic of Moldova, initiated by pro-Russian forces under the coordination of security services of Russian Federation.

    “Destabilization of the situation in Moldova could escalate into a regional hotbed of tension that would include part of Odessa region. An attempt to destabilize the situation in Romania on ethnic grounds is also possible. The scenario of force in the Republic …

  • Moscow: Kiev is aggravating the situation in Transnistria

    Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Grigory Karasin, expressed Moscow’s concern over the lack of progress in the negotiations on the Transnistrian issue, stating that the Ukrainian position has a negative impact on the situation in the region.

    "The change of Kiev's position on the Transnistrian issue supports the delay of an appointment of a new Ukrainian representative in the "5 + 2" negotiation that was supposed to happen in May of 2015. We are concerned about the …

  • Moldovan President demands withdrawal of Russian troops from Transdniestria

    On December 12th, at an international conference entitled “The Policy of Neutrality: International Cooperation for the Sake of Peace, Security and Development” in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, the President of Moldova, Nicolae Timofti, emphasized the need for a full withdrawal of Russian troops from Transdniestria.

    “We repeat the need for a completion of the withdrawal of Russian troops and ammunition from the territory of our country,” Timofti stated. Additionally, the Moldovan President has …