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  • Ukraine's Samopomich party complained to the General Prosecutor’s office about the disengagement of forces in eastern Ukraine

    The Samopomich (“self-reliance”) Party has submitted a criminal complaint to the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s with respect to the Minsk agreements and disengaging of the forces in a number of areas in the Donbas, as reported on the party’s website.

    "We saw a number of violations of the Ukrainian Constitution and the Criminal Code at the time the Minsk Agreements were signed. That’s why we also turn to the General Prosecutor’s Office with a claim regarding the crime under article 353, “ …

  • Ukrainian MP Lubinets: Mariupol is under threat from Russia because of Minsk-2

    As a result of the withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from the contact line, Mariupol will be under threat of invasion by pro-Russian fighters, member of parliament Dmytro Lubinets, from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc, stated at a briefing.

    He noted that, according to the agreements reached in Minsk, one of the areas for withdrawal is the village of Petrivske in the Starobeshivsky district in the Donetsk region.

    “Petrivske – a base area for the villages of Bohdanivka, Starohnativka and further on to …

  • Kyiv sets out conditions for extending the withdrawal of weapons in the Donbas

    Daria Olifer, Press Secretary to Leonid Kuchma, Ukraine’s representative in the Trilateral Contact Group, reported that implementing the framework decision in the Donbas will continue under two conditions.

    “Ukraine has consistently fulfilled its commitments on implementing this decision and the whole range of Minsk Agreements. That is why it will be continued. The withdrawal of weapons from Petrovske will take place on the 7th of October and the withdrawal of weapons from Stanytsia Luhanska …

  • Disengagement of separatist forces and the Ukrainian Army in the Donbas has been postponed

    The disengagement of separatist forces the Ukrainian army in the that has been carried out in the village of Zolote has been postponed in other areas due to ceasefire violations, stated the head of the Ukrainian side of the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the ceasefire (JCCC), General Borys Kremenetsky, on the channel 112 Ukraine.

    He said that an increasing number of attacks in the Donbas will affect the terms of disengagement on the border line.

    “Of course it will have an effect, …

  • Loans and visa-free regime for Ukraine can be considered 'advanced fees' for implementation of Minsk Agreements

    The billion-dollar loan guarantee received from the United States, as well as the provision of a tranche from the IMF and the promise of a visa-free regime with the EU, can be considered an “advance fee” for Ukraine for the implementation of the political part of the Minsk agreements. This was the opinion expressed by Director of the Ukrainian Institute of Strategies of Global Development and Adaptation (UISGA) Victor Levitsky.

    “Many people talked about ‘Putin’s insidious plan’ to make Europe …

  • Biden: Kyiv shouldn't give the EU a reason to lift sanctions on Russia

    The Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, called on Ukraine to speed up the reform process, warning that some European countries are waiting for a reason to remove the sanctions against Russia.

    “We know that there are at least five countries that will refuse to participate in the continued extension of sanctions against Russia, should Ukraine give the European Union a reason to do so,” Biden said in his speech before the Foreign Affairs Council in New York on the 21st of September. …

  • Poroshenko and Putin could meet in the coming weeks

    France and Germany hope to gather together the Normandy Four, the President of the French Republic, François Hollande reported. Hollande stated at the General Assembly of the United Nations that France and Germany are working on holding Normandy format negotiations in the coming weeks.

    “We, together with the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel have taken the initiative to arrange a meeting with the Presidents of Russia and Ukraine in the coming weeks in order to bring the Minsk Agreements …

  • Putin: Russia is ready to be a mediator in eastern Ukraine

    Russia is ready to be a mediator in settling the conflict in the Donbas and a guarantor of possible agreements, the President of the Russian Federation stated.

    "The only thing we can do is to create conditions for the negotiation process and take part in it as mediators and guarantors of the agreements reached,” Putin said in Bishkek, Russian Interfax news agency reported. "That is what we want and will do if our partners in Kyiv want."

    Everything else, according to the President of Russian …

  • Kyiv is skeptical about statements made by French and German Foreign Ministers about the Donbas

    Attempts made by the German and French foreign ministers to revive the Minsk Agreements in Moscow and the Donbas have caused a sharp reaction from Ukrainian politicians and experts. The foreign ministers discussed this issue during their visit to Kiev. Ukraine does not believe that Europe has the ability to ensure a ceasefire in the Donbas. They also do not agree with the ministers’ proposal on the procedure for the fulfillment of the Minsk Agreements, Deutsche Welle reported.

    Set against a …

  • German Ambassador to Ukraine: All parties must be active in implementing Minsk agreements

    German Ambassador to Ukraine Ernst Reichel believes that Ukraine cannot fully assert its position on the Minsk Agreements and will have to make certain concessions. However, the existence of agreements with the Russian Federation would be more profitable for Ukraine than having none at all.

    "In this conflict which is regulated by the Minsk Agreements, Ukraine cannot 100% defend its interests and have to make certain concessions,” Reichel said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine. He also …