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  • Poroshenko calls McCain ‘hero of Ukraine’

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko attended the memorial service of the late US senator John McCain in Washington on September 1. After the ceremony, Poroshenko said that senator McCain was close to Ukraine and its people at a critical moment in its history, the Ukrainian president’s press service reports.

    “We remembered him at the Maidan during the Revolution of Dignity, when at a temperature of minus 26 degrees he came out, hardly dressed, and approached the hundreds of thousands of people …

  • Poroshenko on McCain: A great friend of Ukraine has died

    President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko expressed his condolences to the family and friends of the American Republican Senator John McCain, who died on Saturday, at the age of 82.  

    “This is sad news for the whole Ukrainian nation, the death of a great friend of Ukraine, Senator John McCain. We will never forget his invaluable contribution to the development of democracy and freedom in Ukraine, as well as the support of our government,” wrote Poroshenko on his Facebook page.

    The President noted …

  • McCain: Russia is a bigger threat to global security than the Islamic State

    U.S. Republican Senator John McCain believes that the actions of Russian leadership are a greater threat to global security than the crimes of the Islamic State terrorist group.

    In an interview with Australian ABC TV, released on Monday, May 29th, McCain acknowledged that the IS militants "can do terrible things." However, he said, "it is the Russians who … try to destroy the very fundamentals of democracy, and that is, to change the outcome of an American election." The senator added, "I’ve …

  • McCain claims Russia is testing Trump administration by escalating the situation in the Donbas

    According to Radio Liberty (RL), U.S. Senator John McCain has explained that the escalation of the situation in the Donbas is such that Russia is testing the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump.

    "The Russians are killing Ukrainians daily. They are killing them. I believe that the situation is going to get worse, because …. this is a time of testing for the Trump administration," said McCain during a panel speech on February 17 at the annual Munich Security Conference.

    Since the …

  • U.S. Senator John McCain: Flynn’s resignation raises further questions about the Trump administration’s intentions toward Russia

    The resignation of National Security Advisor, Michael T. Flynn, raises even more questions about how the administration of President Donald Trump will cooperate with Russia, according to the head of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Republican Senator John McCain.

    "General Flynn’s resignation also raises further questions about the Trump administration’s intentions toward Vladimir Putin’s Russia," John McCain indicated in a statement released on Tuesday.

    In addition, the senator said he …

  • McCain: Russia carried out cyber-attacks due to U.S. leniency on Russia's aggressive foreign policy

    The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, Republican John McCain at a Committee hearing dedicated to cyber threats for the United States, mainly from Russia said that “the United State’s leniency on the Russian Federation’s aggressive foreign policy is what prompted the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, to order cyber-attacks, intending to intervene in the presidential elections.

    "We should not be surprised that Vladimir Putin could have thought that he would be able to carry …

  • US Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham to visit Ukraine

    Two Members of the US Senate Armed Services Committee, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, will visit Ukraine on December 30th and 31st, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

    The two Republican Senators will also visit Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, and Montenegro.

    Speaking in Estonia on Tuesday, McCain said US-NATO relations will not change once Donald Trump is sworn in as president.

  • McCain called on NATO to tune in to Russia’s aggressive behavior

    According to the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, John McCain, the election of Donald Trump as the president of the United States was a surprise, but this result will not affect the US - NATO relationship. According to McCain, who was speaking in the Estonian capital of Tallinn, NATO should prepare for Russia’s possibly aggressive behavior.

    When he touched upon the issue of cyber security, he stated that, "there is no doubt that the Russians were engaged in hacking, but …

  • John McCain called on Trump to admit that the Kremlin intervened in the U.S. elections

    The senior United States Senator from Arizona, John McCain called on the President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump to admit Russia’s intervention in the U.S. presidential elections. “There are facts,” McCain said while speaking on CBS TV’s “Face the Nation” program.

    The Washington Post previously wrote that the Central Intelligence Agency concluded that Russia’s hacker attacks on the official institutions of the United States were aimed at supporting Donald Trump but not discrediting …

  • McCain warns Trump not to become too friendly with Russia

    The republican senator John McCain warned US president-elect Donald Trump against softening relations with Russia. McCain stated that any “reset” of these relations will be a dangerous step.

    The remarks of John McCain, the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and an avid critic of Russia, showed rising tensions between Trump and the republicans in the senate with regard to Russia. McCain referred to a recent phone conversation between Trump and the Russian President Vladimir Putin …