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  • Kremlin: six Su-25 fighters returned from Syria to their permanent bases in Russia

    Six Russian Su-25 fighters landed at one of the military airfields in the Krasnodar Krai after a multi-day mission in Syria, TASS news agency reports citing the Commander of the Air Force and Air Defence Second Command Lieutenant General Victor Sevostianov, TASS reports.

    "After a long trip to Syria, the servicemen of our legendary 4th Air and Air Defence Forces Army of the Southern Military District returned home. The crews have fulfilled the critical task of liberating a friendly country from …

  • Russian airbase in Syria comes under drone attack

    On the night of June 20, Russian Khmeimim airbase came under drone attack, reported Russian Ministry of Defense.

    According to the Russian military, the airfield was attacked by small drones and Russian anti-aircraft destroyed all of them.

    According to the Ministry, at the moment, base is operating as usual. No casualties or material damage has been reported.

    Youtube users also published videos which show a drone being destroyed by a rocket from an air defense system. It is reported that …

  • Russian Ministry of Defense: Two military helicopters returned to Russia from Syria

    Two Ka-52 helicopters returned to Russia after carrying out military tasks in Syria, RIA Novosti reported, citing the Ministry of Defense. The helicopters and their crews were transported by an An-124 Ruslan military transport aircraft from the Khmeimim aerodrome.

    As indicated by the military department, after returning to Russia, the pilots and helicopters will be sent to permanent deployment bases.

    Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta previously reported that over the past week, 11 planes …

  • Israel says hotline with Russia prevented downing of Russian warplane over Golan Heights

    Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said during an interview with RIA Novosti that a hotline between the Israeli military and their Russian counterparts in Syria, which has been in effect for nearly three years, helped to prevent a serious incident in the first months of its operation, when a Russian Air Force plane almost entered the airspace of the Jewish state.

    "It [the hotline] saves lives because it helps to avoid misunderstandings. In the very beginning of Russian presence, …

  • Russian Su-30SM fighter crashes off Syrian coast

    A Russian Su-30SM fighter aircraft crashed after takeoff from Khmeimim airbase in Syria, as reported by Interfax with reference to the Russian Defense Ministry.  Both pilots were killed.

    The accident occurred on May 3 at 9:45 am over the Mediterranean Sea. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the plane was not shot down.  The Ministry alleged that a bird could have gotten into the aircraft engine.

    "According to preliminary information, the cause of the crash could be a bird hitting the …

  • Russia claims it repulsed a drone attack on Syria Khmeimim airbase

    Anti-aircraft defenses at the Russia’s Khmeimim airbase in Syria destroyed unknown small-sized air targets that were "far from the airfield", RIA Novosti reported, citing an airbase spokesperson.

    According to the airbase representative, the airborne threats were discovered on April 24 around twilight. "All of the targets were destroyed by the antiaircraft fire means of the Russian airbase," he said. No one was hurt on the base; the facility also suffered no material damage, and has returned “ …

  • Trump’s tweet jeopardizes coalition strike on Syria

    US President Donald Trump’s tweets undermined the attack planned by the anti-Assad coalition against the Syrian state regime, which has been using chemical weapons against the civilian population, The Times reports.

    According to the British newspaper, for the attack, the US amassed the largest air and sea strike forces since the war in Iraq in 2003.

    However, the chance of a surprise attack was ruined when the US president openly threatened Russia with a swift attack, rendering virtually all …

  • Russia opens criminal case after crash of An-26 in Syria

    A criminal case was opened after the crash of an An-26 transport plane, as reported by the official representative of the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation, Svetlana Petrenko.

    The aircraft was on a routine flight in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. According to preliminary data, the An-26 transport plane crashed 500 meters from the Khmeimim Air Base.

    The case was opened on the grounds of the crime described in Art. 351 of the Criminal Code (violation of flight rules …

  • Russian general and 26 officers killed in plane crash in Syria

    A major-general, 26 officers, ensigns, and contract soldiers were killed in the crash of a Russian An-26 transport plane in Syria, reported TASS, citing a source in the Russian Defense Ministry.

    “As a result of the tragedy, 27 officers were killed, including one major-general, as well as ensigns and contract servicemen. There were no civilians on the An-26,” the Defense Ministry reported.

    The commander of the aircraft was a first-class pilot with a little more than 3,000 flying hours. He had …

  • Russian transport plane crashes during landing at Khmeimim airbase in Syria

    An An-26 transport plane crashed during landing at the Khmeimim airbase, killing 32 people onboard, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported.

    According to the Ministry of Defense, there were 26 passengers onboard the plane and 6 crew members.

    "The plane hit the ground about 500 meters short of the runway,"-the ministry said.

    The Defense Ministry said that they would study all possible causes of the crash. But, according to preliminary data, the cause of the crash could be a technical …