Russian airbase in Syria comes under drone attack

On the night of June 20, Russian Khmeimim airbase came under drone attack, reported Russian Ministry of Defense.

According to the Russian military, the airfield was attacked by small drones and Russian anti-aircraft destroyed all of them.

According to the Ministry, at the moment, base is operating as usual. No casualties or material damage has been reported.

Youtube users also published videos which show a drone being destroyed by a rocket from an air defense system. It is reported that later local residents managed to find one of the downed drones, as well as the engine of the Panstir-1S anti-aircraft missile at a distance of about ten kilometers north-east of the airbase.

Last December, drones carrying explosives attacked the Russian airbase in Khmeimim. Two Russian soldiers were killed during the attack. The air base personnel were able to shoot down some of the drines. RBC news agency reported, citing its sources in the Russian Ministry of Defense, that eight drones were involved in the attack. Four Russian aircraft and two helicopters were damaged as a result of the attack.  The attack also caused explosions in the ammunition depot. Later the Russian Ministry of Defense denied this information and said that the base was shelled with mortars.

  Khmeimim, Russia, Syria


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