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  • Russian media: Russia is the new ‘master of the Middle East’, Israel is afraid

    The Russian press is actively harping on about the Putin regime’s “absolute dominance” in the Middle East. Following the withdrawal of the final contingent of US troops from Syria and video clips of Russian troops occupying an abandoned US base, the morale of pro-Putin journalists has skyrocketed, and they have started using militant headlines proclaiming the supremacy of Russian weaponry.

    The Russian web site published an article titled “Israel fears Russia as the new Master of the …

  • Israel's Chief Rabbi urges Israeli President to stand up for Kurds

    Israel's Chief Rabbi David Lau called on Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to support the Syrian Kurds, who are fighting with the Turkish army. "These days, our hearts are with the Kurds, who are facing mass destruction," said Lau.

    The Rabbi made this statement in the festive tabernacle (sukkah), which the Israeli President visited the day before to congratulate the spiritual leader of Ashkenazi Jews on the Sukkot holiday, reports TV channel 7.

    "It is our moral duty to act immediately before it …

  • Israel uses Turkish invasion to strike Syria

    Journalist Babak Taghvaee reported on his Twitter account that Israel had used the Turkish offensive against Kurdish militias and the chaos in Northern Syria to conduct airstrikes in another part of Syria.

    According to the journalist, Israel conducted the airstrike on military bases in Eastern Syria near the city of Abu Kamal. Israeli aircraft had previously attacked the surrounding areas of this city, and Israeli media claimed that Iranian and Pro-Iranian forces were the target of the strikes. …

  • Russian Navy frigate test-fires cruise missiles off Israel's coast

    The Russian Navy’s frigate “Admiral Makarov” fired practice shots in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, using Kalibr cruise missiles (NATO classification: SS-N-27 “Sizzler”), RIA Novosti reports.

    The ship’s commander, second rank captain Anton Kuprin, said that “all the weaponry has been tested in combat in the last two years, Kalibrs have been fired directly, and shots have been fired from the anti-aircraft systems”.

    “Ships of this project have already carried out assignments …

  • Israel ready to assist Syrian Kurds

    Israel strongly condemns the Turkish invasion of the Kurdish areas in Syria and warns against the ethnic cleansing of the Kurds by Turkey and its proxies, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a Facebook post.

    “Israel is ready to provide humanitarian assistance to the courageous Kurdish people,” he wrote.

    The EU has also condemned the Turkish army’s operation to purge the Syrian regions bordering on Turkey of Kurdish militia, which Ankara considers terrorist groups.

    In response, …

  • Iran’s Islamic Guards: Iran has underground 'missile cities'

    Iran stores its missiles and other attack systems in underground tunnels, said Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Aerospace Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), in a statement on October 1, as cited by the Tasnim news agency.

    “We have underground tunnels around the country and under mountains for storing munitions, missiles, equipment and for protecting military personnel,” the commander said.

    He claimed that the idea to build “underground missile cities” was developed …

  • Israeli military intelligence: Nasrallah is playing with fire

    Brigadier General Dror Shalom, head of the Research Division of Israel’s Military Intelligence Directorate (“Aman”), told Israel Hayom in an interview that Israel has entered a “dangerous cycle” with Iran.

    “We are in a far more complex reality than before, and it is only getting worse,” the head of research observed. According to him, Tehran only needs two years to build nuclear bombs. “The processes they are doing now enable them to strengthen their muscles, such that when they do decide, it …

  • Media: Israel behind new paramilitary force in Syria

    Arab media outlets reported that a new paramilitary force  is being created in southern Syria called the Southern Army. The new paramilitary force is supported and funded by the countries of the Middle East, and its goal is "to counter Iranian influence in the region."

    The media "give contradictory reports about the nature, strength, and weapons of the new army," reports Lebanese newspaper Al Modon.

    "The task of the militia is to expel the Iranians from Syria by conducting military operations …

  • Israeli reconnaissance plane approaches Russian naval base in Syria

    An Israeli military reconnaissance aircraft was seen flying 60-65 kilometers near the military base of the Russian Navy base in the Syrian port of Tartus, reports news outlet with reference to ADS-B Exchange air traffic monitoring service. This is the first time that the Israeli plane came so close to the Russian naval base.

    According to, the plane was most likely interested in air defense systems, including the Russian S-300 missile systems, which provide security from the …

  • Israel is jamming Syrian air defense systems in preparation for new attacks

    Over the past 24 hours, the Syrian radar and air defense systems have experienced disruptions in their work which are believed to have been caused by the electronic warfare systems installed on Israeli warplanes. During this period, Israeli planes were detected near the Syrian borders.

    "Israeli warplanes have been buzzing Syrian air-defense systems in the southern region since the morning, Israeli electronic measures were also detected,” reports the blogger “Within Syria” on twitter.

    There …