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  • Media: Israel alarmed by potential delivery of Russian S-300 missile systems to Syria

    Israel fears that the supply of Russian S-300 missile systems to Syria will jeopardize the "freedom of action" of the Israeli Air Force in its neighboring state, El País reports. In addition, Israel is concerned that the deployment of more modern systems in Syria could protect Damascus from "future retaliatory measures."

    According to El País, Israel’s apprehension was due to an announcement by the Russian Federation that, in connection with US-led missile strikes by the western Allies, Russia …

  • Israel considers attack on Syria an 'important signal' to Iran and Hezbollah

    The Reuters news agency quotes the Israeli government as saying that missile strikes against targets in Syria have become an "important signal" to Iranian authorities and the Hezbollah movement.

    "The use of chemical weapons is the crossing of a red line that mankind can no longer tolerate," Yoav Galant, the country’s Minister of Construction and former Commander of the Southern Command of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), wrote on Twitter. "The American strike is an important signal to the …

  • Syrian sources: unidentified warplanes strike Iranian weapons depot in Syria

    Syrian Observatory for Human Right (SOHR) reports a powerful explosion in the area of Mount Azzan in southern Aleppo. The Iranian weapons storage facility, said to be one of the biggest in the country, is located in Mount Azzan and was reportedly used by Hezbollah, which is backed by Iran, and other Iranian militias in Syria.

    Skynews Arabia and Al Jazeera claim that unidentified warplanes struck the Iranian weapons depot.

    Unidentified planes were seen in the area during the strikes. Syrian …

  • Israel closes air space over Golan Heights

    Israel has closed  the air space over the Golan Heights to air traffic, ordering all passenger flights and cargo planes in Israeli airspace and lose to Syrian border to remain under 5,000 ft. altitude.Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu  also warned Assad that any action against Israel will be dangerous for his regime.

    According to the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, the Israeli Defense Forces had been notified in advance about airstrikes on targets in Syria by the coalition.

    Israeli media …

  • Putin urges Netanyahu to refrain from destabilizing the situation in Syria

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed the situation in Syria and the Israeli air force strikes on the Syrian airbase in the province of Homs, the Kremlin's press service reported. Putin asked Israel to refrain from actions that could pose a threat to Syria's national security and further destabilize the situation in the country. The report said that the conversation was an Israeli initiative.

    On April 9, a missile strike was carried out on a …

  • Israeli Defense Minister: Israel will not allow Iran to entrench itself in Syria

    Israel will not allow Iran to establish itself in a military manner in Syria, said Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, The Times of Israel reports.

    The head of the defense department did not confirm or deny the claims that the Israeli Air Force was behind the airstrike on the T-4 airbase in Syria’s Homs province.

    “I don’t know what happened, who attacked the T-4,” Lieberman said, “I know only one thing: we will not allow Iran to establish itself in Syria. We have no other choice.”

    “ …

  • Israeli general: Israel struck Syrian airbase to prevent consolidation of Iranian forces in the region

    Retired Israeli Air Force commander Eitan Ben-Eliyahu indirectly acknowledged that Israeli fighters caused the air strike on the Tifor (T-4) Airbase in the Syrian province of Homs, as Washington had no reason to hide the fact of the attack and had too little time to prepare the strike.

    In an interview with the newspaper Maariv, the general said that he had no doubt about the connection between "this attack and the use of poisonous substances in the city of Douma." He also added that Israel is …

  • Media: Russian air defense systems failed to intercept Israeli missiles over Syria due to 'external interference'

    The electronic warfare systems deployed in Syria were unable to shoot down several Israeli missiles due to overwhelming external interference, the Federal News Agency (FAN) reported.

    According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the airstrike on the T-4 airbase in Homs was made from Lebanese airspace by two Israeli multipurpose F-15 fighters. Three of the eight missiles launched by the Israeli aircraft reached the western part of the airbase. The Syrian electronic warfare systems were unable to …

  • Syrian airbase comes under missile attack

    Syrian airbase T4 which is located to the east of Homs has come under a missile attack, reports Syrian SANA news agency.

    “T4 air base has been attacked by several missiles. It is possible that it is the aggression of the United States of America,"-the agency states.

    According to the agency, Syrian military forces opened fire at the missiles.

    The United States categorically denied its involvement in the incident. 

    Later SANA reported that there were casualties as a result of the missile …

  • Israeli satellite records Russian Su-57 fighters at airbase in Syria

    The Israeli company Imagesat International (iSi) published satellite photographs of Russia’s Khmeimim airbase in Syria showing the location where the Su-57s are stationed, Haaretz reported.

    The images were taken by the satellite Eros B. In them, one can see airplanes, and the outlines of two of them resemble Russian Su-57s.

    The article states that the 5th generation Russian fighters are not yet ready for full-fledged usage. Haaretz suggests that it is more likely that they will be tested …