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  • Danish Defense Minister accuses Russia of involvement in the NotPetya virus attacks

    Danish Defense Minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen stated that Russia is involved in the cyber-attacks using the NotPetya virus, reported Nordjyske daily newspaper. “We will not tolerate such malicious cyber activity.  This is a strategy that undermines democratic regimes in the West and we should protect ourselves from it,” Frederiksen stated.

    The cyber-attack occurred in June 2017 against computer systems of Italy, Israel, USA, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and several other countries. The …

  • Denmark increases military spending because of Russia

    Denmark’s parliament decided on Sunday, January 28 to increase the country’s military expenditure by 12.8 billion crowns or USD 2.14 billion over the next six years. "The threat posed by Russia is real and increasing, so we must show determination in strengthening our defense capacity, and we are determined," said Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, Reuters reports.

    The budget will be used for the fight against cyber threats and for financing Denmark's international operations. …

  • Denmark prepares a bill against Nord Stream-2

    The Danish government has prepared and submitted for discussion a draft law that can prohibit the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline through the territorial waters of Denmark, the local edition of Politiken reports.

    It is reported that the document was developed for foreign policy and security reasons.

    The Government of Denmark proposes to amend the Law on the Continental Shelf, which provides for the refusal to construct pipelines in the event of an environmental threat. The new …

  • Russian hackers gained access to the emails of the Danish Defense Ministry

    Russian hackers have been accessing information in the unprotected email accounts of the employees of Danish Defense Ministry for two years, as stated in a report of the Danish special services, the Danish newspaper Berlingske reported. The emails were hacked in 2015 and 2016.

    "This is very controlled. These are not small hacking groups doing it for the fun of it. This is tied to the intelligence services or central elements in the Russian regime," Defense Minister of Denmark Claus Hjort …

  • Denmark seeks to block Nord Stream-2 pipeline

    Denmark’s government proposed to amend legislation to enable it to ban the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline construction project, as reported by Interfax-Ukraine with reference to Euronews.

    Currently, this type of project can be stopped for environmental reasons. The government of Denmark proposes to allow authorities to also impose a ban based on national security and foreign policy priorities.

    As stated by the country’s Ministry of Energy, the pipeline issue should also be deliberated by the …

  • Denmark allocated 65 million euros to support Ukrainian reforms

    Denmark has allocated 65 million euro towards a 5-year strategy to support reforms in Ukraine, as was announced by the Prime Minister of Denmark, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, at a joint briefing with President Petro Poroshenko.

    According to him, the funds will be allocated to support reforms in Ukraine in the areas of decentralization, anti-corruption, energy, and public administration. Rasmussen confirmed his full support of the sovereignty of Ukraine and its territorial integrity.

    Denmark will …

  • Denmark to increase military spending due to 'Russian threat'

    Denmark is planning to increase military spending due to Russia’s deployment of anti-ballistic missile systems in the Kaliningrad region, which is considered by the Danish Government as potential threat, as stated on Friday by the head of the Defense Ministry of the Kingdom, Claus Hjort Frederiksen.

    "We can see today that the Russians are deploying new missiles in Kaliningrad which can reach Copenhagen. Of course, it is a serious threat,” the Minister said in an interview with the local …

  • Denmark recognized Russian aggression as one of the main threats to its security

    Authorities in Denmark have recognized cyberattacks, terrorists-loners, and Russian aggression as the greatest threats to the country, according to a new long-term risk assessment conducted by Danish Defense Intelligence, Local reported. According to the content of the report, Denmark is still a target for terrorists and spies. Criminals are active in cyberspace and Russia will demonstrate its military might in the coming years.

    “Russia is building up and modernizing its military in the …

  • Danish intelligence: Expansion of Arctic shelf could lead to worsening relations with Russia

    The expansion of the Russian continental shelf in the Arctic, among other issues, may lead to the worsening of relations between the Russian Federation and Denmark, whose claim to an arctic shelf overlaps with a Russian one, as reported by the newspaper Berlingske, based on a report by the Scandinavian Kingdom’s military intelligence devoted to the analysis of threats to the country until 2030.

    "The Kingdom may face a new challenge if Russia, as it is expected, receives an answer to its claim …

  • Denmark rejected Russia's offer to divide the Arctic in two

    Last week Russian Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Sergey Donskoy said to Russian President Vladimir Putin that he wanted to start a bilateral dialogue with Denmark as soon as possible, to decide how to allocate control of the Arctic, including the North Pole.

    But, as reported by the Financial Times, Copenhagen rejected Moscow’s proposal to split the 550,000 sq km-territory between them. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark Kristian Jensen told the newspaper that his country …