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  • OSCE monitoring equipment was turned off by separatists in Donetsk

    The leader of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, ordered the cameras to be disabled

    According to a report by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission for the 20th of May, OSCE monitoring equipment was turned off in the Donetsk region.

    "Armed DPR members stopped work on the SMM’s remote monitoring equipment at the Donetsk airport, … SMM found out that they had disconnected the power supply to the SMM equipment in Donetsk city, claiming they had an order to do so by Mr. Alexander Zakharchenko," the …

  • Kiev will not pay Gazprom for gas supplies to separatist republics

    Ukrainian company, Naftogaz, has refused to pay Gazprom for gas delivered to the separatist-controlled territories of Donetsk and Luhansk.

    On the 18th of May, Naftogaz reported that the Russian gas company had demanded a payment of $670 million for gas supplied to the so-called Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) and the Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) from February 2015 to April 2016.

    The report also stated that Naftogaz had not purchased gas from Gazprom since November 2015. Before that, it had …

  • So-called DPR acknowledges their passports will not enable residents to travel to Russia

    The authorities of the so-called Donetsk People's Republic acknowledged that inhabitants of the break-away region won't be able travel to Russia using passports issued by the self-declared republic, Rosbalt reported.

    According to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of so-called DPR, it is possible to leave the rebel-controlled Donetsk region and enter the Russian Federation using only a Ukrainian passport.

    "Minor citizens under 16 years of age will need a birth certificate or a …

  • Kuchma: Prisoner exchange before Orthodox Easter failed due to changes in the position of separatists

    Leonid Kuchma, the representative of Ukraine in the Trilateral Contact Group and the former Ukrainian President, said that the exchange of prisoners before the Easter holidays was disrupted due to a change in the separatists’ position.

    "They are not interested in this. They always want to get some mechanisms to influence Ukraine, the mood of the people," he told journalists in Kiev on Friday, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

    Kuchma said in this regard everything depends on the position of the …

  • Separatists accuse Poroshenko of giving order to assassinate Zakharchenko

    Separatist media reported that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the so-called Donetsk People's Republic has issued a statement saying that the order to assassinate the leader of the republic, Oleksander Zakharchenko, was given directly by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. According to the statement, the orders were give to the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) at a closed meeting.

    On Friday, the authorities of the so-called DPR stated that they had thwarted an assassination attempt on …

  • So-called DPR claims to have thwarted assassination attempt on their leader

    The Ministry of State Security of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) said that they had prevented an assassination attempt on the leader of the "republic", Oleksandr Zakharchenko, Interfax reported.

    "On April 28, 2016, as a result of operative-investigative measures, the staff of the Ministry of State Security detained a group of Ukrainian citizens who had arrived from the territory controlled by Kiev. They had a powerful explosive device with them disguised as a piece of …

  • OSCE confirms four civilian deaths near Donetsk

    According to preliminary data from the monitoring mission, the OSCE has confirmed the deaths of four civilians at the Elenovka checkpoint in the Donetsk region last night. This was reported by the UNIAN news agency.

    OSCE observers arrived at the Elenovka checkpoint at approximately 10 am in response to media reports about the deaths. The observers then conducted a preliminary analysis which determined that “three vehicles were damaged, four civilians were killed and an unconfirmed number of …

  • OSCE: May 9th military parade in Donetsk would be a violation of the Minsk Agreements

    The deputy head of the OSCE SMM commented on the presence of military vehicles during the parade in Donetsk on May 9th. Alexander Hug made it clear that the participation of military equipment in Donetsk’s Victory Day Parade will be considered a violation of the Minsk Agreements.

    "There is another holiday: May 9th. I want to be very clear about this. Weapons in the security zone is clearly a violation of the Minsk agreements," he said at a briefing in Kiev.

    Hug reiterated that the OSCE SMM …

  • Donetsk to hold Victory Day military parade on May 9th

    The leader of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, said that this time more military equipment will take part in the parade.

    On Wednesday, RIA Novosti quoted Zakharchenko as saying that the parade on the Victory Day of the Great Patriotic War will be held in Donetsk and restored military vehicles from the 1940s will participate. "This will be the usual parade of our technology... We have restored several pieces of equipment that participated in the liberation of our …

  • In a framework of the program 'Come Home', more than 50 separatists returned to Ukrainian-held territory from DPR and LPR

    More than 50 people who were members of separatist groups returned to Ukraine from the so-called DPR and LPR as a result of the Security Service of Ukraine’s (SSU) program ‘Come Home’.

    "This program is becoming more successful. Today we can say that more than 50 separatists have returned to Ukrainian territory under the program,” the Chief of Staff of the Head of the SSU, Olexandr Tkachuk, said at a briefing in Kiev on Monday.

    He said that these people went through "a very difficult path of …