46 residents from annexed Crimea crossed into Ukraine due to chemical emissions in Armyansk

Within three days, Ukrainian border guards allowed 46 people to pass through the temporarily closed border crossing checkpoint Kalanchak at the administrative border with the annexed Crimea to get medical aid, said the chief of the Kherson State Border Guard detachment, Ivan Shevtsov, as quoted by Hromadske Radio.  According to him, no one crossed the administrative border of the Chaplynka border crossing.

"Among the people who crossed the administrative border within these three days were mostly elderly people, citizens with young children and persons with disabilities," said Shevtsov.

Ambulances are on duty at the Kalanchak and Chaplynka checkpoints. If necessary, doctors examine and provide assistance to those who cross the administrative border, added Shevtsov.

On September 6, the border crossing checkpoints Kalanchak and Chaplynka temporarily closed because of a dangerous environmental situation caused by sulfur dioxide emissions from the Crimean Titan plant in the territory of the Crimea.

After a chemical discharge in Armyansk, in the north of the Crimea, 61 Ukrainian border guards asked for medical assistance. Five of them were admitted to hospital.

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