UN: 218 children have died in Donbas since the beginning of the armed conflict

Fiona Frazer, the head of the UN Monitoring Mission for Human Rights, said in an interview with ZN.ua that since the beginning of the armed conflict on both sides of the contact line, 138 children (91 boys and 47 girls) have died as well as 80 children in the downed MH17 plane, a total of 218 dead children.

She said that "In 2017, we recorded 7 deaths, 1 due to shelling and 6 as a result of careless handling of explosive materials. 95 out of 138 child deaths related to the conflict were recorded in the territory controlled by armed groups, 35 in the territory which is controlled by the government, and 8 cases have yet to establish who controlled the site of the incident."

  Donbas, War in Ukraine