Zelensky wants to survey Ukrainians about negotiations with Russia

At a meeting with public activists in the president’s administration, President Vladimir Zelensky said that putting the question of concluding peace agreements with Russia to a referendum has no legislative initiative, but this is a way to assess popular opinion, according to the President’s website.

 “We must listen to every person. This is not a legislative referendum, but an informational one. Citizens, what do you think? We are having a regular conversation with the people,” said Zelensky.

The President stressed that he “strives for openness in discussing important issues for the country” and does not want to make decisions behind “closed doors, as was done before.”

Those who participated in the meeting agreed that it would be advisable to call this not a referendum, but a poll and dialogue with the public.

The activist proposed that the president meet with public representatives on an ongoing basis. Let us recall that, previously, the head of the Presidential Administration, Andrei Bogdan said that the president’s team is considering the possibility of bringing the issue of a peace agreement with Russia on the war in the Donbas to a nationwide referendum.

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