Warsaw: a free Ukraine is not needed for the existence of a free Poland

Ukraine needs Poland, but Poland will manage without Ukraine, stated the head of the cabinet of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Jan Parys, reports RMF24.

“I would like to say clearly that a strong and independent Ukraine is important for Poland, but it’s not true that the existence of Ukraine is a necessary condition for the existence of a free Poland,” he said.

“After the withdrawal of Britain from the EU, Poland will be the fifth state in the EU. Poland is part of NATO, it is the main state of the eastern flank and will exist regardless of what is happening in Ukraine, whether the situation there gets better or worse,” said the diplomat.

He noted that the assertion that the existence of Ukraine is a condition for the existence of Poland is not true.

Jan Parys also accused Ukrainians of falsifying history and persecuting the Polish minority. According to him, Ukrainian officials have a wrong view of Poland, since they derived it from Gazeta Wyborcza.

“As long as they do that, they will be mistaken. They think that Warsaw is weak, isolated, and needs Ukraine. That’s not true. It’s Ukraine that needs Poland. Poland can cope without Ukraine,” the diplomat said.
As was reported, European Council President Donald Tusk said that Poland will not be safe if there is a conflict between it and Ukraine.

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