US Treasury Department: providing services to Iranian aircraft may lead to sanctions

Countries that permit airplanes from Iran to land and be serviced at their airports may face consequences, including sanctions. Acting US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Sigal Mandelker, who also serves as Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, announced this on Tuesday while speaking at the Washington-based Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

 “Countries and companies around the world should take note of the risks associated with granting landing rights and providing aviation services to the airlines used by Iran to export terrorism throughout the [Middle Eastern] region, including the risks of our secondary sanctions," she said.

According to the Deputy Secretary, civil aviation industry professionals "must remain vigilant." " They should implement appropriate controls to ensure compliance with their legal requirements," she added.

In her speech, Mandelker warned repeatedly that Iran is actively using front companies to “exploit the global financial system"; for example, by purchasing spare parts for aircraft belonging to Iranian airline Mahan Air. The US accused the company of transporting weapons and soldiers to pro-Iranian armed groups to Syria, as well as "supporting terrorism" in the region.

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