Ukraine holds combat helicopter drills near the demarcation line in Donbas

The press center of the Joint Forces Operation reported that the drills involving combat helicopters were held near the line of demarcation in the Donbas.

"For the first time, as part of the operation of the Joint Forces, forward air controllers were trained to direct Mi-24 crews toward ground targets. The purpose of training is to maintain the level of skills of air controllers in directing combat helicopters toward ground targets, and to organize interaction between army aviation and combined arms units in carrying out missions involving the use of firepower," the message said.

According to the chief of the army aviation of the Joint Forces Operation, the command of the Joint Forces fully adheres to the Minsk agreements and conducts training without using aircraft weapons. However, in the event of any sudden hostilities, the army aviation is ready to carry out assigned tasks in full.

"The attention of the flight crew is focused on fulfilling army aviation combat missions in the presence of the enemy’s air defense. For this purpose, all the peacekeeping experience gained by helicopter pilots in African countries and during the military operation in the Donbas, in particular in 2014, is used," the senior officer said.

The press center added that during training, the crews of the Mi-24 helicopters use NATO-standard air and ground communications in English.

The Ukrainian Navy has been keeping busy since April, conducting defense exercises against sea invasion.

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