Ukraine offers to share with the US its experience of ‘fighting with Russia’

In exchange for American weapons, Ukraine is ready to share with the United States "the experience of fighting against Russians," Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said.

It was during his official visit to Canada that he made that comment in relation to the US National Security Council decision to allocate new military assistance to Kyiv.

"We need all this equipment, logistics support and training. Moreover, this is mutually beneficial. We can pass on our combat experience in fighting Russians," Ukrinform quoted Klimkin as saying.

The Minister also stressed that Ukraine is relying on international support for “everything,” not just the provision of Javelin anti-tank weapon systems.

In addition to Javelins, Kyiv expects to receive drones from the US, as well as counter-battery systems and means of cyberwarfare, Klimkin explained.

Earlier, the US National Security Council proposed for consideration of Congress a document on the allocation of $47 million for the purchase of arms by Ukraine. This money would allow Ukraine to purchase the latest weapons in the US, particularly the Javelin anti-tank weapon systems.

The White House fully endorses the move, with the goal of "containing aggression of the pro-Russian separatists."

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