Ukraine to receive patrol boats from the US in 2019

On Friday, December 28th, the commander of the Naval Armed Forces of Ukraine, Igor Voronchenko, stated that Ukraine would receive Island-class patrol boats from the US in 2019.

“In July, they [the ships] should be in Ukraine. The crews are preparing. The steps for equipping these ships and joint training at the base in Baltimore [in the US] have been decided. The final procedures for fast delivery of these ships to Ukraine have also been finalized,” said the Navy Admiral.

Earlier, the Mariupol detachment of the marine guard of the Ukrainian State Border Service received an additional small border UMS-1000 PC 12 M-2 ship.

It was also reported that during the year 2019, the Ukrainian Navy would receive four Centaur-class and Gyurza M-class combat vessels.

  USA, Ukraine