Ukraine eases entry and work permit process for Belarusian IT specialists

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has signed a decree which allows the Ukrainian Government to extend stay of IT specialists from Belarus in Ukraine.

The Decree No. 420/2020 "On some measures to attract entrepreneurs and highly qualified professionals who are citizens of the Republic of Belarus," outlines the new process, stated the press service of the Ukrainian President.

"The Cabinet of Ministers should extend up to 180 days per year the period of temporary stay in Ukraine for Belarusian citizens and their families. This applies to entrepreneurs, highly qualified professionals, in particular specialists in information technology and innovation, whose immigration is in the interests of Ukraine," the statement reads.

The government should also start a pilot project on simplified registration of residence permits for these categories of Belarusian citizens.

The period fort obtaining such residence permits should be reduced to three days, they can be obtained without leaving the Ukrainian territory.

Separately, the Government should optimize the procedure for obtaining work permits for foreigners and stateless persons from Belarus who are highly qualified IT specialists. To that end, it was proposed that the period of granting such permits should be reduced to five days and that they could be obtained by acquiescence.

According to the decree, the procedure for registering Belarusian IT specialists as individual entrepreneurs needs to be improved.

It is also necessary to recognize the documents issued by the authorities of Belarus, which are necessary for obtaining a work permit in Ukraine.

In addition, the government should ensure the smooth operation of a single information website and telephone hotline to provide advice to citizens of Belarus who emigrate to Ukraine.

The decree comes into force from the day of its publication, that is, from October 2.

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