U.S. to provide $250 million of military aid to Ukraine

The U.S. plans to provide $250 million worth of military assistance to Kyiv “to strengthen Ukraine’s capacity to more effectively defend itself against Russian aggression," stated the U.S. Department of Defense on its website.

"This reaffirms the long-standing defense relationship between the United States and Ukraine – a critical partner on the front line of strategic competition with Russia. The United States remains steadfast in its support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders. ," the Pentagon said in a statement. The U.S. military noted that the United States supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The allocated funds will be used for additional training, equipment, and advisory efforts.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense noted that the $250 million in assistance also includes transportation, medical equipment, counter-battery warfare equipment and cybersecurity systems.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry thanked the U.S. for supporting reforms in Ukraine and strengthening the country's defense capability "in the face of ongoing Russian aggression." Also, Kyiv stressed that one of the main priorities of Ukraine’s government is bringing the country’s Armed Forces closer to NATO standards.

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