Poland blames the Soviet Union for unleashing World War II

In an interview with wPolityce, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Witold Waszczykowski accused the USSR of unleashing the Second World War. According to the head of the Polish Foreign Ministry, the communist regime’s responsibility is on par with the Nazi regime.

“You must remember that the Soviet Union contributed significantly to the outbreak of World War II and, together with the Germans, invaded Poland, so that it bears joint responsibility for its beginning,” the Minister stated. He also noted that it would be wrong to start the countdown of Soviet-Polish relations from 1945.

In mid-July, the Polish President signed amendments to the law banning communist propaganda, which implies the demolition of all monuments of the communist regime on the territory of the country. An exception is made only for memorials in cemeteries and objects of special cultural value.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the actions of Warsaw, calling them “unfriendly.” Moscow warned that Russia would take retaliatory measures that would be “asymmetric.”

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