Constitutional Court of Moldova rules that the President of the country must be non-partisan

The Constitutional Court of Moldova ruled that the President of the country must be non-partisan and must not hold any other public office, Ukrinform reports.

"The President of the Republic of Moldova is obliged to act in the interests of the whole society, not just its part, a separate political group or a party. He cannot be a member of the party and defend its interests," the President of the Constitutional Court, Tudor Panțîru commented.

With its decision, the Constitutional Court recognized the article of the Electoral Code that prohibits the president from being a member of a political party, in compliance with the Constitution.

The opposition Party of Socialists said the verdict of the Constitutional Court was political, directed against President Igor Dodon, the former leader of socialists. Dodon wrote a statement on leaving the party after winning the presidential election in November 2016.

In late October, the Constitutional Court of Moldova restricted the powers of President Dodon.

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