Syria demands that Turkey withdraw its troops

Speaker of the Syrian Parliament Hamoudeh Sabbagh said that Damascus demands the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Turkish troops from the country.

Speaking at the plenary session of the Assembly of the International Parliamentary Union in St. Petersburg, he noted that a large number of military vehicles and ambulances had been moved to the region of the Turkish province of Hatay. The Turkish General Staff announced the beginning of a reconnaissance operation in Idlib, Syrian, which is related to the creation of the de-escalation zone.

Sabbagh also said that Turkey’s operation in the province of Idlib threatens the security of its citizens and its sovereignty.

“The Syrian parliament condemns such actions and this invasion by Turkey, which is completely unrelated to the agreement reached in Astana,” he said.

Ankara previously stated that it is acting within the framework of the agreements in Astana and coordinates its work with Moscow. Turkish armed forces will be deployed inside the de-escalation zone in Idlib, and Russian forces are to be deployed along the outer perimeter of the zone.

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