Serbia calls for international conference on Kosovo

Serbian Foreign Minister, Ivica Dačić, proposes to hold an international conference that would help resolve problems in Kosovo, as stated in a commentary to the Serbian newspaper, Novosti.

Dačić stated that Serbia's resistance to recognize Kosovo's independence was similar to Spain's rejection of the Catalan independence referendum.

"If Spain can fight for its vision of Catalonia, then we Serbs can fight for our country," said Dačić.

It is noted that at this conference, Belgrade and Pristina should, first of all, fully implement trade and economic cooperation, allow for free movement without administrative restrictions, and then resolve the issue of Serbian property, cultural heritage, army, and negotiate the membership of Kosovo in all international organizations, excluding the UN.

Earlier, Serbia criticized the EU for its recognition of the secession of Kosovo, while not recognizing the referendum in Catalonia.

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