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  • Serbia launches large-scale military exercises on the border with Kosovo

    On Thursday, March 29, a large-scale military exercise of the Serbian armed forces was launched at the Pasuljanske Livade training ground, near the territory of the partially-recognized Republic of Kosovo, according to a report by RTS (Radio Television of Serbia).

    Before the beginning of the exercise, several Serbian aircrafts were spotted over the village of Preševo, located on the border of Kosovo. Aircrafts scared the locals and attracted the attention of the international peacekeeping …

  • Serbian President asks Putin for advice over intensification of Kosovo conflict

    Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has asked Russian president Vladimir Putin for advice regarding the intensification of the Kosovo conflict, reported RTS-a (Radio Television of Serbia).

    During a telephone call with Putin, Vučić informed the Russian President about the latest developments in Kosovo, including information about the detention of Serbian diplomat Marko Djurić.

    "President Vučić requested the opinion and advice of the President of the Russian Federation on how to counter the …

  • Serbian pro-Russian party calls on Putin to deploy troops to Kosovo

    The pro-Russian party, Serbian League, had called upon the country’s authorities to appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin to deploy troops to Kosovo, as stated in the appeal of the chairman of the party, Aleksandar Djurdjev, which was published on the party's website.

    The Serbian League warns that the interim UN Mission and EULEX in Kosovo are not able to protect the Serbian people from the actions of Albanian terrorists, although their main task is to preserve peace, stability, and …

  • Serbia wants to recognize the Crimea as part of the Russian Federation

    Serbian Parliament Deputy Alexander Šešelj informed Russian newspaper Izvestia that his country's politicians wanted to officially recognize the Crimea as Russian.

    The Serbian Radical Party drafted a statement for the forthcoming meeting of the National Assembly of the Serbian Parliament that intends to emphasize the difference between the "reunification" of the Crimea with Russia and the violent secession of Kosovo.

    "Belgrade cannot expect Moscow to support the disputed territorial issues …

  • Serbia calls for international conference on Kosovo

    Serbian Foreign Minister, Ivica Dačić, proposes to hold an international conference that would help resolve problems in Kosovo, as stated in a commentary to the Serbian newspaper, Novosti.

    Dačić stated that Serbia's resistance to recognize Kosovo's independence was similar to Spain's rejection of the Catalan independence referendum.

    "If Spain can fight for its vision of Catalonia, then we Serbs can fight for our country," said Dačić.

    It is noted that at this conference, Belgrade and Pristina …

  • Kosovo forms army despite NATO’s protests

    In spite of the sharp objections of NATO, the EU and the US, the Kosovo authorities are not backing down from their intention to create their own army. As reported by the Zeri newspaper published in Pristina on Saturday March 18, 51 million euros are to be allocated to the creation of the army.

    According to the publication, this amount will grow annually by 5 million euros.

    According to the plan, the army will consist of 8 000 military personnel, 3 000 of whom will be reservists, the …

  • President of Kosovo: Serbia wants to divide Kosovo using Ukraine as an example

    Serbia is sending weapons and military to northern Kosovo with the aim of dividing the country, as stated by the President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, in an interview with Deutsche Welle.

    "We know that Serbia has a plan for Kosovo’s division and that Belgrade is arming Serbs in the north," he said. He also noted that he has evidence that Serbia is sending weapons there as well as people, both civilian and military.

    Thaçi added that Russians are actively helping Serbia by preparing paramilitary …