Russia claims its submarines reached the American shores unnoticed during recent exercises

The commander of the nuclear submarine division, Captain Sergeant Sergei Starshinov, spoke to journalists about the operation, during which the Russian nuclear submarines of Project 971 Shchuka-B reached the US bases, reports Zvezda, the official newspaper of the Russian Ministry of Defense.
According to Starshinov, the submarines "established themselves in these areas of the ocean" and, having accomplished the tasks, returned home unnoticed.

According to Zvezda, the Russian submarines reached the bases located off the coast of the United States.

According to Rossiyskaya gazeta news outlet, this operation was conducted in 2013. The submarines came to the area of the Gulf of Mexico and were at the distance of a missile strike from the base of American submarines.
Submarines Shchuka e-B, built in 1983-2001, became the main type of multi-purpose nuclear submarines of the Russian fleet. They replaced the submarines of the project 671RTMK Shchuka.

The submarines of the Shchuka-B project are armed with a torpedo-missile system. Torpedo systems of 533-millimeter caliber can use deep-water torpedoes UGST, homing electric-powered torpedoes USET-80, cruise missiles S-10 Granat with a nuclear warhead and other types of torpedoes.


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