Russian oppositionist: Putin’s statements increasingly resemble the speeches of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s stories about the latest types of Russian strategic weaponry are similar to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s attempts to safeguard his power by launching ballistic missiles. Such was the opinion expressed by Russian oppositionist and former State Duma MP Gennady Gudkov in an interview with InfoResist.

According to the former MP, Russia cannot threaten the world with nuclear weaponry now.

“More and more, this resembles the attempts of the North Korean dictator, who is constantly launching ballistic missiles and making strange statements in an attempt to preserve his power. And so I think, as Bzhezinsky put it, “there are still $500 billion belonging to the Russian elite in American banks,” and I don’t really understand how Russia could use its nuclear potential. Against whom?” Gudkov remarked.

It turns out that it would be against Russia’s own assets, the politician added.

“It turns out that it would be against their own citizens, against their own assets, their own people who are living in the US. In this respect, I don’t really believe it. I think it is not a very appropriate tone that Putin is using. That’s why it’s a bit strange to hear all of these things he is saying,” Gudkov concluded.

As reported, on Wednesday March 1st, Putin spoke about the Russian defense industry’s latest inventions during an address in front of the Federal Assembly.

Most notably, Putin announced that Russia has created and is testing a new cruise missile with nuclear propulsion, which has an unlimited range and an unpredictable flight trajectory. The new missile has not yet been named.

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