Media: procurement of Russian missile corporation controlled by daughter of Putin’s adviser

The daughter of Boris Obnosov, CEO of the Russian state corporation Tactical Missile Weaponry (KTRV), is the partial owner of the company through which all state procurements for strategic missile production take place. An investigation by Novaya Gazeta has uncovered that the son-in-law of Sergei Prikhodko, First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Russian Presidential Administration, is also involved in the chain of companies created around the defense enterprise.

In 2012, Obnosov ordered for all the corporation’s procurements to be done through a specially authorized organization, the Korolyov-based Zvezda-Strela Trade House, later renamed to TRV Engineering. The firm belongs entirely to the Zvezda-Strela of the same name from Taganrog. 40% of this, in turn, belongs to the company Teploservis, half of which is registered to Olga Zorikova. Novaya Gazeta believes that Zorikova is Obnosov’s daughter.

In this way, 20% of the monopolist firm which services all supply orders for missile spare parts belongs to the daughter of the CEO of KTRV.

Olga Zorikova is 29 years of age, but was only 23 when her company became the supplier of the KTRV. She is known to be a specialist on wedding hairstyles and make-up.

In five years, TRV Engineering’s profit was in excess of 12 billion rubles, Novaya Gazeta claims. This figure can supposedly be ascertained from a court ruling which states that TRV-Engineering’s commission was 12%.

Novaya Gazeta was able to unearth deals made by Zvezda-Strela which were unrelated to missile production. The company was involved in the construction of public housing which was later bought out by the Taganrog authorities. The missile corporation invested 47 billion rubles in its exclusive supplier for this project.

The Russian news outlet asserts that the residential apartments were bought by the administration according to a “mirror auction” scheme – when there are only two participants in the competition, and one firm withdraws its bid, letting the contract be made at a price close to the maximum.

In addition, the Taganrog-based Zvezda-Strela built an elevator for grain storage near to the Taganrog sea port. The incomplete facility was sold for nearly one seventh of the estimated price to the company Agroprime, 25% of which belonged to Rostislav Zorikov, who is indicated as Olga’s husband on Facebook.

Another 25% of Agroprime belonged to Ivan Sadchikov, son-in-law of Sergei Prikhodko. Prikhodko was chairman of KTRV’s board of directors between 2003 and 2013, and was thus supposed to monitor Obnosov’s activity.

Ivan Sadchikov and Rostislav Zorikov had another joint business company, Zhiva, which sold grain abroad. In 2016, they both transferred control to Olga’s business partner from Zvezda-Strela, Vladimir Maslensky, and Vladimir Sorokin, who had previously co-owned an offshore company in Cyprus with Obnosov.

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