Russian media: mortars used in bombardment of Russian airbase in Syria were brought from Turkey

The Russian military base in Syrian Khmeimim was shelled using an 82-millimeter automatic mortar Vasilek (Cornflower), writes Russian newspaper Vestnik Mordovii (Herald of Mordovia) quoting military experts.

The mortar has a small weight (just over 630 kilograms) that allows to place it, for example, in a minivan, and high rate of fire (up to 120 shots per minute). Vasilek can fire in single and automatic mode using four-round clips.
It can use high-explosive, armor-piercing and smoke shells, as well as flares.

"The Russian Army does not have any means to intercept  the 82mm caliber mortar shells. At the same time, in other countries, the work in this direction has been more successful. For example, NATO countries have developed special artillery and laser complexes. The Americans were able to protect their facilities from mortar attacks in the area around Baghdad," Vestnik Mordovii writes.

The news agency adds that the Syrian army does not have Vasilek (Cornflower) mortars. Apparently, these weapons came to the militants from Turkey.

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