Russian Defense Minister states that operation in Syria will soon be completed

The operation in Syria is coming to an end, and there are several issues that need urgent attention, said Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu said on Monday during a meeting with Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

“I would like to discuss each issue connected with Syria separately. The operation there is approaching its completion. There are several points that require urgent solutions, and discussions about the prospects for the further development of the situation in Syria are needed,” Shoygu said.

Shoygu stated that there are a lot of issues, and now there will be something to discuss.

“In addition to the issues of our military and military technology cooperation, of course, the main and the most important issue is related to the fight against terrorism and the situation in the region,” Shoygu said.

Sergey Shoygu spoke about the imminent end of the war in Syria to the State Duma in February of this year. According to him, the Russian military had dealt a serious blow to the forces of international terrorists in Syria and prevented the collapse of the country.

“The disintegration of the Syrian state has been averted, and the civil war and attempts to change the legitimate authorities, which have been directed from abroad, have been practically stopped,” the defense minister then said.

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