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  • Media: Turkish Army attacked Assad’s troops

    Turkish armed forces, with the support of the Free Syrian Army, shelled the Syrian border guards at the western part of the city of Manbij, reported the Arabic edition of Al-Masdar.

    The media reported that eight Syrian servicemen were killed, and dozens more were injured.

    The news source reported that the Turkish Army attacked the Syrian military near the border villages, which the Syrian Democratic Forces, a Kurdish-Syrian alliance, handed over to Assad’s government.

    Earlier, Turkish …

  • Iranian media: Russia deployed Vodnik armored vehicles to Syria

    The Russian Defense Ministry has sent a large number of Vodnik armored vehicles to the Syrian port of Tartus. These vehicles are intended for the army of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad which is assisted by Moscow, as reported by the Iranian agency Fars.

    It also states that Russia is allegedly planning to send additional equipment to the Khmeimim Air Base where the Russian Aerospace Forces’ aircraft are based.

    On 29 December the ceasefire agreement established through mediation with Iran, …

  • Lavrov: Prospects of a Syrian settlement are 'fairly good'

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the prospects of a Syrian settlement after the Astana peace talks were “fairly good”, TASS reported.

    Replying to a question about what steps have to be taken for a peace deal to stick, Lavrov replied, "it is necessary to work, work and again work."

    Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, announced that representatives of the Syrian opposition have been invited to meet with Lavrov in Moscow on Friday.

  • Kremlin says the U.S. has not consulted Russia regarding ‘security zones’ in Syria

    The Kremlin has called on the U.S. to consider all the consequence regarding the creation of the so-called “security zones” for Syrian refugees in order not to make the situation worse.

    This was stated by the Press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, as reported by Russia’s TASS news agency.

    “This is important that the situation does not become worse. It is worth considering all the consequences” he stated.

    When asked if the U.S. consulted with Russia prior to taking this …

  • Russia deploys four Su-25 ground attack aircraft to Syria

    Russia has deployed four Sukhoi Su-25 ground attack aircraft to Syria despite President Vladimir Putin’s recent announcement that Russia’s military presence in the country would be decreased, Fox News reported, citing two U.S. officials.

    “[The Russians] say they are pulling out, but we have seen no evidence to support that. On the contrary, we have seen new things coming in,” one official said.

    Approximately 36 Russian military aircraft are still in Syria, roughly the same number as last …

  • Reporters learned of the death of another Russian soldier in Syria

    Artillery Captain Marat Akhmetshin from Tatarstan was killed in Syria in the summer of 2016. He became at least the 24th Russian soldier killed during the Syrian operation. Information about his death was published on January 7 by the Tatar news website,

    According to the statement of his widow, Guzel Akhmetshin, which was published by in April last year, the captain was sent on detached duty. After a while, he was able to call his wife from an unknown number, …

  • Turkish Foreign Minister: Ankara will not reconsider its position on Ukraine's territorial integrity

    Speaking at the conference of Ambassadors in Ankara, the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, stated that a dialogue with Russia will contribute to resolving many conflicts. He noted that cooperation with Moscow does not justify a review of Ankara’s position on Ukraine and Georgia.

    “We support the territorial integrity of Ukraine and Georgia. We don’t recognize the annexation of Ukrainian territories,” Turkish media quoted the Minister as saying. Speaking of the Syrian …

  • Pentagon chief: Russia is doing virtually nothing to fight ISIS in Syria

    According to the Pentagon chief, Ashton Carter, Russia has done "virtually zero" in the fight against the so-called Islamic State in Syria. Speaking in an interview with NBC News that was published on Sunday, January 8th, Carter said that Moscow promised to come in, fight the so-called Islamic State, and help end the civil war in Syria. However, Moscow hasn’t done either of those things and thus, “we are fighting the Islamic State on our own,” Carter said. The Pentagon chief stated that the US …

  • Israeli satellites photographed Russian Iskander missile systems in Syria

    Israeli satellites photographed the presence of Iskander tactical missiles at the Latakia airbase in Syria where the Russian military is based. 

    A photo and the interpretation of the Israeli satellite images was published by The Jerusalem Post.

    The two Iskanders in trucks are clearly seen at the airbase on the northeast side of the runway, the newspaper reports. The photos were taken on 28 December. Earlier this weapon had been hidden from satellites, however, due to recent rains it has been …

  • CIA Director accuses Russia of having a 'scorched earth policy' in Syria

    CIA Director John Brennan accused Russia of having a “scorched earth policy” in Syria, which had led to the death of thousands of civilians.

    Speaking in an interview with PBS, Brennan said, “What the Russians have done in Syria in terms of some of the scorched-earth policy that they have pursued that have led to devastation and thousands upon thousands of innocent deaths, that’s not something that the United States would ever do in any of these military conflicts.”

    When asked if the CIA …