Russia jamming Ukrainian radio stations in northern Crimea

The Russia-controlled Crimean authorities are deliberately jamming the signals of Ukrainian radio stations in the north of the peninsula, primarily by using the same frequencies for Russian stations, the Crimean Human Rights Group (CHRG) reports.

According to monitoring conducted by the group between March and April this year, the signals of seven Ukrainian radio stations are being entirely or partially jammed by the signals of Russian FM stations in 20 settlements in northern Crimea.

The group tested 13 frequencies of the seven Ukrainian radio stations that have authorization from the Ukrainian national television and radio authority to broadcast to northern Crimea from the Ukraine-controlled villages of Chonhar and Chaplynka that are situated close to the administrative border.

“The monitoring was organized using a car receiver in the northern Crimean settlements that are located close to the Chaplynka border point, and was carried out in 20 settlements,” the CHRG announced.

The results showed that, at the start of April 2019, on seven frequencies, it was possible to pick up the signal of only two Ukrainian stations, and only in two of the 20 settlements where the test was performed.

The Ukrainian radio stations are also being jammed on the other frequencies they are authorized to use in the region.

A similar study by the CHRG in 2018 also showed that Ukrainian radio stations were being systematically blocked in Crimea through the broadcasting of Russian FM stations on the same frequencies.

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