Russia claims that American reconnaissance aircraft flew over Khmeimim airbase in Syria during drone attack

The Russian Defense Ministry stated an American reconnaissance aircraft in the area of Khmeimim at the time of the attack on the Russian bases in Syria, reports RIA Novosti.

It was reported that a Poseidon aircraft was patrolling over the Mediterranean Sea between Tartus and Khmeimim at an altitude of seven thousand meters for over four hours. The Russian Defense Ministry called this “a strange coincidence.”

Concerning the easy access to the purchase of UAVs, the Ministry stated that “it is possible to control and program aircraft-type drones and ammunition drops in the GPS system” only using a decent engineering school of “one of the developed countries.”

“And getting exact coordinates on the basis of the data of space intelligence is far from the ability of most people,” the Ministry said.

Later, a spokesman for the Pentagon said that Russia’s suppositions are all groundless.

“Any assumptions that the U.S. or the coalition forces played a role in the attack on the Russian base are not factually based and are extremely irresponsible,” he said.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry said that the Russian military had prevented the attacks of 13 militant drones.

  Khmeimim, Syria, USA, Russia