Putin: Russia develops laser weapons that are ‘the stuff of science fiction’

At a meeting on developing air and space forces in the Russian Federation, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that a new type of weapon is being developed which, in his opinion, “will determine what the Russian army and navy is capable of in the XXI century”. He also noted that previously such targeting systems were “the stuff of science fiction”, RBC news agency reports.

Such weapons, according to Putin, would function as tactical-level combat laser complexes.

The President of the Russian Federation proposed “that the overall development of promising weapons should be evaluated separately, including those created on the basis of so-called new physical principles.”

“In addition, we will discuss the work being done on laser weapons systems using domestic optics and highly sensitive opto-electronics, including those that till recently were just “the stuff of fairytales,” Putin said, adding that he meant tactical laser combat systems.

In March, the Russian President  devoted a large part of his annual address at the Federal Assembly to discussing new Russian weapons. He said that a new nuclear-powered cruise missile with “an unlimited range and unpredictable flight trajectory” was created and successfully tested in the Russian Federation.

During Putin’s speech, a 3D video showed the launch of a Sarmat ballistic missile equipped with an anti-missile defense system. The Russian president accused the United States of developing missile defense systems around the world and said that the Russian defense industry will not wait around, but will invent means of challenging these systems.

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