Putin explains how Russia can dominate the world

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently explained what he believes is necessary to rule the world. “If someone could guarantee themselves a monopoly in the area of artificial intelligence, the consequences are clear to us all – they would become the world ruler,” the TASS news agency cited Putin as saying.

The Russian president remarked that the fight for technological superiority, including in the field of AI, has already become a field for global competition. “The speed at which new products and solutions are created is growing exponentially,” he observed.

Putin noted that many countries have already chosen their strategies concerning AI. “We too, of course, must ensure our technological sovereignty in the AI field,” he said, adding that it is the most important condition for the success of Russia’s business, economy, security, defensive capability and quality of human life.

In 2017 Putin said that developing AI would not only open up new opportunities, but also create new threats. At the time, he said that if Russia became the leader in this field, it would “share it with the whole world”, just as nuclear technology has been shared.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev wrote in his article titled “Russia 2024: Socio-economic Development Strategy” that soon history could be divided into “before AI” and “after AI”. He also remarked that the changes brought about by telecommunications technologies are to some extent comparable to the collapse of the Soviet Union in their intensity.

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