Previously unknown remnants of Soviet nuclear bases discovered in Poland

It is reported that Polish Archaeologist Grzegorz Kiarszys discovered the unknown elements of Soviet bases by analyzing the intelligence materials of the CIA.

It is noted that three large nuclear weapon stores were established in the territory of Poland – in Templewo, Brzeźnica-Kolonia and Podborsko. All of these stores had a monumental concrete seven meters long shelter dug into the ground which was intended to preserve nuclear warheads. Until the early 1990s, the information about these bases was strictly classified.

 “There have been many legends about these bases for several decades after their existence was declassified. I decided to verify them with use of different archaeological methods,” the researcher said.

According to the publication, the archaeologist said that those bases were perfectly camouflaged from enemy satellites, but declassified footage from American reconnaissance satellite programs – Corona and HEXAGON – present a completely different image.  The main componnets of the bases, as well as access roads, and helicopter pads were highly visible on satellite images.

It is also noted that using aerial laser scanning, the researcher discovered previously unknown components of these bases such as ditches surrounding all the three objects, as well as shelters for vehicles used to transport the nuclear warheads. Some of them are almost invisible to the naked eye.

This method allowed the researcher to recreate the route of the Soviet guards who patrolled classified facilities. In addition, the researcher revealed that military lived at the bases with their families. They even had a kindergarten and cattle by their houses.

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