President Poroshenko: EU and NATO are guarantors of Ukraine's security

On Saturday, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stated during the “Open Dialogue” forum in Kyiv that only the country’s membership in the EU and NATO could guarantee Ukraine’s security and independence. 

“Only full-scale and equal membership in the European Union and NATO definitively and irrevocably guarantees independence, national security, freedom and well-being for our country,” Interfax-Ukraine quotes Poroshenko as saying

According to the president, Ukraine’s achievement of the criteria for EU and NATO membership will improve the investment climate. 

“This will secure the growth of foreign direct investment and development of new jobs, increase revenues to the budget, increase salaries and pensions... We talk not only about how to oppose Russia, but also about how to counter-attack poverty,” said the Ukrainian leader, who put forward his candidacy for a second term on Saturday. 

Poroshenko also stated that he intends to “turn Ukraine into a great power, a regional leader, an essential part of European civilization and a crucial element of Europe’s security.” 

In May 2018, the President of Ukraine spoke about the main achievements of his four years of governance. These included signing an association agreement with the EU and creating a visa-free regime with more than a hundred countries. 

In August 2017, Poroshenko promised that UKraine country would continue the path of Euro-Atlantic integration and said that he intends to achieve membership in the EU and NATO. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Ukraine’s entry into NATO poses a direct threat to the country and so a “proportional response” will be taken.

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