President of Moldova demands dissolution of parliament and transition to presidential form of government

The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, in a public appeal to citizens, stated the need for early parliamentary elections and an early transition to a presidential form of government.

Dodon explained his appeals by speaking about “unconstitutional actions” of the government, the beginning of “actions by the republic in support of a presidential form of government” and his “responsibility to the people.”

“I am responsible only to the people of the Republic of Moldova, so that nothing can obligate me to sign something with which I do not agree as I carry out my responsibilities in the name of the people. As I stated yesterday, all questionable decisions made by this Constitutional Court will be reviewed after the parliamentary elections,” Dodon’s statement said, which was posted on the official website on Wednesday, October 18th.

Dodon said that the only possible way out of the current crisis is the dissolution of the parliament, holding early elections, and strengthening the powers of the president.

“For Moldova, there is no other solution except early parliamentary elections and an early transition to a presidential form of government. We announce the beginning of actions at the state level with the goal of supporting a presidential form of government,” summed up the President of Moldova.

On October 18th, the Constitutional Court of Moldova ruled in favor of the possibility of appointing an acting head of state due to the refusal of President Igor Dodon to approve the candidate nominated by the Prime Minister for the post of Minister of Defense, which is a gross violation of the Constitution. According to the Constitutional Court’s decision, Speaker of Parliament Andrian Candu or Prime Minister Pavel Filip could be appointed acting president of Moldova.

In order to appoint an interim president, the Constitutional Court must officially conclude that the acting president intentionally did nothing in connection with the performance of his duties for a period of 60 days.

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