Ukrainian Intelligence reports 13 separatist casualties in one day in the Donbas

The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (MDI) reported that on March 16th, six pro-Russian separatists were killed and seven were injured. 

The MDI also stated that from March 10th to March 15th, the bodies of 60 militants fighting under the flags of the breakaway republics in eastern Ukraine were transported from Dyakovo in Ukraine to Kuibyshevo in the Rostov region of Russia.  

In addition, the Directorate noted that military equipment transfers from Russia to the separatists continue unabated, with four 122-mm self-propelled artillery systems and eight APCs arriving in recent days.

The issue of the transfer and destruction of industrial facilities beyond the control of Kiev was also noted. Starting on March 14th, production facilities of the JSC Yasinovka Coke Plant (YASK) in Makeyevka have been dismantled and transported to Russia. Similarly, on March 16th separatists dismantled cooling equipment in Dokuchayevka and sold it as scrap metal.

Ukraine has provided the observers of the OSCE with information about tanks and self-propelled artillery systems in the Luhansk, Novoselovka and Donetsk regions, weapons that are prohibited by the Minsk Agreements.

Russia has repeatedly stated that it is not a party to a conflict in eastern Ukraine that has raged since 2014. According to UN data, over 9,000 people have been killed as a result of hostilities in the Donbas region, and over 21,000 have been injured.

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