Ukrainian headquarters: Russia provided separatists with Tavolga anti-tank grenade launchers

The headquarters of the Ukrained Armed Forces reported on their Facebook page that a new, more powerful handheld antitank grenade launcher, RPG-27 Tavolga, is now being used by the separatists in the Donbas region.

"Separatists of the illegally armed groups have begun to use a wider range of anti-tank weapons, in particular ones that are more powerful," stated the message.

The staff noted that this weapon is a far more powerful and dangerous modification of the famous RPG-7B and is used to destroy modern battle tanks equipped with more powerful armor. The headquarters also published a photo of the projectile from the RPG-27 Tavolga found by the Armed Forces of Ukraine when responding to violations of the ceasefire by the separatists.

The staff noted that a pedestrian bridge was fired on by such a grenade in Stanytsia Luhanska that evening.

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